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WOMEN, Family and Community Development Minister Nancy Shukri’s announcement that the government will establish a special department for children brings hope in 2023. It is good that Pakatan Harapan is living up to its election manifesto. We, child advocates and civil society organisations, are delighted that children are getting attention from the new government.

We recognise that it is early days yet. The proposal will need to be worked on and the scope and powers of the proposed department to be clarified. We ask that the minister engage with child advocates and civil society organisations in shaping the formation of the proposed agency for children.

One key issue will be the extent of the scope and powers of its powers. Will it be fully responsible for all children’s issues, superseding all other ministries that have some responsibility for children, and have powers to make policy changes? Or will it just be a coordinating body between different ministries and agencies on children’s issues?

We recommend that the government form a ministry that will have the capacity to make significant changes to the lives of all children in Malaysia and not just be a welfare organisation. No other government agency should be able to make policies that will affect children’s wellbeing without consultation with it.

We advocate that the department for children adopts an equitable and rights-based approach and have a wide scope to cover critical areas. It should:

1. Establish an interagency child protection case and data management system and prevent abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence against children;

2. Improve basic health service delivery, especially to marginalised children, and prevent deaths from road injuries and drowning;

3. Support the rights and needs of children with diverse disabilities;


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4. Improve the status of marginalised children, including those who are migrants, refugees and stateless;

5. End child poverty, especially among our indigenous peoples in Sabah and inner city environments;

6. Encourage good practices in the provision of reasonable accommodation, mainstream children with special education needs and ensure access to universal education;

7. Improve timeliness, quality, access and safety of early childhood care and education;

8. Prohibit the detention of any child;

9. Remove all barriers preventing adopted children of Malaysian parents and foundlings from acquiring citizenship; and

10. End child marriage and reduce teenage pregnancies.

This list, although not exhaustive, seems like a tall order. The government announcement inspires confidence that together we can make build success over time.

Leadership and experience of child realities in Malaysia will be critical to shaping success. It is important to institutionalise children’s participation in the organisation and have representatives from diverse communities, including those who are marginalised and disabled. A dedicated, accountable and competent workforce, perhaps some staffing from other agencies, and a meaningful budget will be critical to the execution of function. 



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